PNV (ASX): the next MVP?

May 11, 2018


  • A global medical device company that delivers improved patient outcomes through the use of our NovoSorb™ biodegradable polymer technology

  • PolyNovo has commercialized the 1st product using NovoSorb technology - NovoSorb BTM is a Dermal matrix to facilitate Dermal Skin Repair and is on sale in the U.S, NZ, South Africa and Israel.

  • PolyNovo also has a Hernia Product in development

  • PolyNovo has signed an agreement with Establishment Labs to jointly develop a Range of Medical Devices for use in Breast Surgery. PolyNovo will develop and manufacture its NovoSorb polymer; will conduct product development, laboratory testing and will manufacture the products at an agreed transfer price. The new products will be marketed globally by EL who will fund the Marketing and Sales Expenses of the operation. EL will also be responsible for the cost of Clinical/Non-Clinical Trials and Regulatory Submissions.

  • The Breast sling and and Breast Prosthesis market: US$3 BILLION per annum

  • At what around 4% of that market could be worth once they reach traction? 50% of a US$2 Billion PA market would be US$ 1 Billion, now lets look at 4% of that, It is US$ 40,000,000 each year and possibly a good deal more, now lets apply a PE ratio of 25 to this, which is not over the top, some PE's are closer to around 30 from what I read?That equates to US$1,000,000,000

  • CEO presentation (2017) detailing its strategies for Expansion through the US, South Africa & Israel

  • May 22, 2018 - Final patient enrolled in CE Mark Burn Trial. A significant milestone with all sites having good outcomes with NovoSorb BTM. "The conclusion of Enrolment is a very exciting milestone in the Regulatory processes."

  • May 25, 2018 - Share price hit 52-week High at 61c per share.

(StockBaron) - Having spent 2016 contained under major resistance at $0.34, shares in Polynovo burst through in November 2017 running up to test new highs at $0.55. The power & significance of the move up was confirmed when two subsequent tests to the downside were limited to $0.44. This rejection of lower levels has given us $0.10 of bullish spacing on top of the old $0.34 level. Buyers have again stepped in this week taking the stock through $0.55 with ease to a close of $0.61.

The Baron is on watch for a Buy entry at $0.55 on a retest of the breakout. A pullback into the $0.44 to $0.55 range could provide a more conservative entry, but place traders at risk of missing the next leg higher. Whilst the chart remains bullish long-term above $0.34, a break & close below $0.44 would be cause to re-assess in the short-term.

The product is now manufactured in Port Melbourne by an Australian company called PolyNovo, and is sold to the US, where it is not only used to treat burn victims but also used in melanoma surgeries and for other large wounds where large areas of the skin have been lost.

The product is still waiting approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration but has been used for years through an exemption agreement at a number of major hospitals including The Alfred in Melbourne and Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

The foam-like material can be stapled onto the affected area. The dermis layer of the skin which includes blood vessels, elastin and fat, then grows into the product.

In the past, surgeons would have had to use cow’s tendons, pig skin or skin from human cadavers, which were prone to breeding infection, said PolyNovo chief executive Paul Brennan

“What you end up with [the synthetic skin] is very minimal scarring and very soft and flexible skin,” he said.

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