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Mean Trend @ SMA20-week @ 25.5

TD Buy Countdown Setup @ bar 13

  • Novatti has struck up several partnerships in this space including deals with RoyalPay and LatiPay. These deals are the backbone of Novatti’s ‘China Payments’ division, which the company reports to have seen strong growth over the past few quarters.

  • Novatti will be one to keep an eye on if they can continue to grow their China Payments arm into a more meaningful portion of their business.

  • Novatti has entered into a MoU with Shanghai Gingkoo Financial Technology Co Ltd. The venture is aimed at leveraging the Chinese based company’s expertise in banking and financial services technologies. More specifically, the collaborative arrangement will be used to develop opportunities to progress Gingkoo’s blockchain technologies and expertise. The group has their own blockchain technology called Starfish.

  • Under the agreement, Novatti and Gingkook will work on a shared outcome basis to plan, market and deploy Gingkoo Starfish blockchain solutions.

  • Novatti Group has partnered with to progress the integration of the Novatti platform into the Stellar network, aiming to build a global money transfer solution.

  • The Novatti platform is already capable of integrating with blockchain and Bitcoin technology to enable payments to and from Bitcoin account holders.

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