RFX - Zinc-bromide flowing electrolyte battery modules

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Analysts are bullish on these following companies: RedFlow, Volpara Health Technologies, BSA. These companies are relatively strong financially, and have a great outlook in terms of profits and cash flow.

Formed in 2005, and now run by Richard Aird, the company size now stands at 37 people and with the market cap of AUD A$99.92M.

RFX’s forecasted bottom line growth is an exceptional triple-digit, driven by underlying sales, which is expected to more than double, over the next few years.

Analysts expecting the company to generate a positive return on equity of 18.71%


- RedFlow's level of debt (216.6% of total debt) compared to net worth is high (greater than 40%).

- The level of debt compared to net worth has increased over the past 5 years (0.1% vs 216.6% today).

- Total debt is not well covered by annual operating cash flow (-334.9%, less than 20% of total debt).


- Last 3-6 months, 4 insiders bought 42m shares

- Technically show BUY signals

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