10 things hard about trading

It is hard

1. not to trade too big when you really believe in a trade entry. It is even harder to take a big loss if it goes against you.

2. to keep taking your entry signals during a losing streak. It is also hard to miss a signal and watch it go on to be a big winner.

3. not to add to a losing trade when the price keeps looking better as it falls lower and lower. It is hard to be on the wrong side of a trend.

4. to buy a breakout in trend because it looks too high. It is hard to miss out on the beginning of a big uptrend.

5. to cut a loss early with the ego wanting to be right about the trade.

6. to let a winning trade run when you would prefer a quick gain than a bigger long term gain.

7. to buy when everyone is fearful and hard to sell short when everyone is greedy.

8. to trade through different types of markets, bull markets, bear markets, volatile, trending, and range bound because the rules keep changing.

9. to convince your friends and family that there is a process to your trading and that you are not a gambler.

10. to ever quit trading after you have tasted how sweet a big winning streak is and how life changing it can be. Invest in yourself. Invest in your future. Learn how to trade. Figure out the money.

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