"What does money mean to you?"

A question from Tony Robbins to John Bogle (Creator of the Index Fund, Founder of the Vanguard Group). Abstracted from Tony Robbins' book "Money: Master the Game"

Tony Robbins: What does money mean to you?

John Bogle: I look at money not as an end but a means to an end. There's a great story about the 2 writers Kurt Vonnegut and Joe Heller. They meet at a party on Shelter Island. Kurt looks at Joe and says, "That guy, our host, he made a billion dollars today. He's made more money in 1 day than you made on every single copy of Catch-22." And Heller looks at Vonnegut and says, "That's okay, because I have something he will never have. ENOUGH."

I'm leaving my kids enough so they can do anything that they want, but not so much they can do nothing. I often say to them, "Sometimes I wish that you would have grown up with all the advantages I had." And their first reaction was, "Don't you mean disadvantages?" "No, kid, I don't. I mean advantages. Getting along in the world, working your way through it all."

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