"The Loser's Game"


FIRST - Be sure you are playing YOUR OWN GAME. Know your POLICIES very well and play according to them all the time.

SECOND - Keep It Simple

THIRD - Concentrate on your DEFENSES. Instead of focus toward Purchase decisions, concentrate on SELLING.

FOURTH - Don't take it PERSONALLY.

  1. "In warfare, mistakes are inevitable. Military decisions are based on estimates of enemy's strengths & intentions - that are usually faulty - and on intelligence that is never complete and often misleading. Other things being equal, the side that make FEWEST strategic ERRORS WINS the war." (Admiral Morrison, Strategy and Compromise)

  2. "Professionals WIN points, Amateur LOSE points. Victory is due to WINNING more points than the opponent wins. The victor in this game of tennis get higher score than the opponent because his opponent is LOSING even more points. If you choose to win at tennis, the strategy is to AVOID MISTAKES, give the opponent as many opportunities as possible to makes MISTAKES. Every game boils down to doing the things you do best, and doing them over and over again." (Simon Ramo, Extraordinary Tennis for the Ordinary Tennis Player)

  3. "The way to win is by making FEWER bad shots. To win, play the shot you've got the greatest chance of playing well. " (Tommy Armour, How to Play Your Best Golf All the Time)

  4. "Help the voters find a way to vote AGAINST the other guy, and you'll get elected." (Professional Politicians)

Full article (The Financial Analysts Journal, July - August 1975) @ http://www.cfapubs.org/doi/pdf/10.2469/faj.v51.n1.1865

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