10 Ways to Trade Like William O’Neil

  1. Do not diversify broadly, instead focus on the leading stocks in the best industry groups.

  2. Cut any loss when the stock is down 7%/8% from your buy point.

  3. Buy stocks that are going up in value, not down.

  4. Add to a position as the stock goes up in value from your buy point not at lower prices.

  5. Buy stocks at high probability moments into strength near their highs for the year not on weakness or near their lows.

  6. Study price charts to discover how the best stocks behaved historically in price action.

  7. Trade in the right direction based on the trend of the general market.

  8. Buy the best stocks in the market as they break out of properly formed bases or when they bounce off their 50 day moving averages.

  9. Do not be influenced by others, trade your plan.

  10. Buy stocks with the best earnings and sales growth at the right time using charts.

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